Collection of binding requests?


i got a short question: Is the a place, where binding requests are collected and the state can be tracked?

There a a few bindings i am missing and i would like to place the request right.

Thanks, Alex

Do you mean bindings that are migrated from OH2 to OH3 ?
In that case you can find an overview here: openHAB 1 addon compatibility overview with openHAB 3 · Issue #6179 · openhab/openhab-addons · GitHub

No, i would have some “wishes” for new bindings, for excample:

  • Proxmox Binding
  • HP ILO Binding
  • Unifi Binding
  • DrayTek Binding for Vigor 165 Series

The list is only to keep track of the state. It’s not a list to ask for requests. Requests can be best placed here on the forum.

You can always ask for bindings. But do understand that there are no free resources for creating a binding. Only if someone who can program one and is interested in creating a binding there will be a new binding. So it’s a bit of a stretch to just ask for a binding. But who knows…

Thanks for the hint. i thought to myself that the available resources are scarce and the development of new bindings naturally also depends on the general interest or the interests of the developer.
Perhaps it would therefore be very interesting if a list of wishes could be collected and perhaps also voted.

There’s also an issue tracker where you can enter them. You can even place a bounties on those issues which makes them more interesting to fix :wink:

The good news is that there’s already a Unifi binding.

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I use the Unify


Yes, you are right, there is an unifi binding already - but with just a few functions, yet. So this is still on my “personal wish list” :smiley:

Thanks for that link - this ist what i was looking for!

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