Cololight Pro support


I just read about the cololight pro and was wondering if anyone is using it and if it’s possible to integrate it into openhab?

Thanks in advance


the way I have been integrating my Cololight Pro is with a script, then using executeCommandLine to call the different script options like ON, OFF, BRIGHTNESS, COLOR and the various effects.

Not the most comfortable solution to implement, but it has been working flawlessly for several years now and is a really nice addition to my home set up.

Thanks for sharing this.
If I read the documentation and command line options correct you can only control the device as a whole, but not individual modules? E.g. if you have 3 different modules, you cannot sweet different colors for each via command line?

I’m not familiar with the Cololight Pro and can’t answer your question, but you could ask the developer (GitHub - deanheard/colo: .NET 5 library and application for controlling Cololight Pro hardware from the command line/shell.). Of course, I would be interested in his answer.