Color Command Class Bulb control in PaperUI Rules Engine (Experimental)

After much trial, error and loss of hair… It seems most of these require an HSB value specficied simply as three numbers comma separated. These numbers are Hue specified as a number 0-360, Saturation as a 0-100 value (it is a percentage, but do not include the % sign or it will fail to function) and Brightness as 0-100. So 0,100,100 is a bright red. 0,0,100 is white (as is any first number followed by a saturation value of 0 and brightness of 100).
Do not quote the string in the dialog box or it will not work. Do not attempt to use functions in the command dialog box, it won’t work. The send command automatically encapsulates whatever you enter into the box in quotes and is as such sent to the device exactly as it appears in the dialog box. My bulb for this was a zwave Zipato Colorchanging bulb RGBWE2. Your bulb may require different options such as ff00ff0000 for some bulbs using RGB WW CW values (WW= Warm White, CW=Cool White)

Similar to…

events.sendCommand("DS_FamilyRoom_TV_LED_Color", "30, 100, 100")

… using scripted automation and Jython. For JavaScript, add a semicolon, and for the old rules DSL, just remove the events.

Outside of the UI, unless you use a scripted action, you can also utilize the methods in HSBType, or…

events.sendCommand(DS_FamilyRoom_TV_LED_Color", HSBType(DecimalType(5), PercentType(5), PercentType(5)).toString())

Yeah, my consternation whem figuring it out was I tried using the HSBType() function in the Paper rules engune… And it just quotes what’s entered regardless rather than parsing it to allow functions.