Color Picker and MiLight Binding

Hi Everyone,

After successfully integrated my philips hue to openhab and Habpanel I’m testing now some Milight GU10 spots. they work great for the price, but with less functionality, like it can’t handle the saturation (Sat = 0 --> White mode, Sat = 100 --> Color Mode ) but only hue and brightness.

I just want to know if I can make a widget to just display me a color picker and brightness dimmer ?

If anyone have an idea…

Thanks you !

Did you checked the color picker from habpanel? If you want a slider for brightness, just put a slider below the color picker. If you have a dimmer item for them, you can just select that item in the menu of the slider.

Best regards

Yes but the Color picker from HABPanel shows 3 sliders for Hue, Sat and Brightness.

As with the Milight the saturation doesn’t work, I just would to know if I can have a “regular” color picker not a HSL one.

Or at least, a way to only show the first part of the HabPanel color picker (the Hue selector).

In my case, i did something ugly but it work… I have a widget with 9 litle square with the colour i use the most and that it

if you click on the red square, light become red…

Merci Dominic, ca peut faire l’affaire effectivement… if I remember, you post it somewhere no ?? I’ll try to find it.

I wonder if it is possible to use the “new” ocLazyLoad :
Template widget - tutorial & examples - make your own widget! to load something like that : RGB ColorPicker?