Color Temperature bulbs are wrongly interpreted by homekit

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware:RaspberryPi 3B
    • OS: openhabian
    • openHAB version: 2.4.0-1
  • Issue of the topic: please be detailed explaining your issue
    So i have some Ikea Tradrfi Gu10 light bulbs that are supporting the whole white spectrum.
    I have them connected to my Hue Bridge (V2) and i can change the brightness and color in the hue app. The Hue bridge is linked with openHab and i see all the lights that i have.
    I have configured the light in my *.item file. On paperUI i see two channels in the Things section of the light:
    I have them configured in my *.item file:
Group gBG           "Begane grond"  <firstfloor>  (House) ["BeganeGrond"] 
Group BG_Keuken     "Keuken"        <kitchen>   (gBG)   ["Keuken"]
Dimmer 	EettafelLamp_ColorTemperature	 "Eettafel"	        <colorwheel> (BG_Keuken,Lights)	["Lighting"]  { channel="hue:0220:XX:5:color_temperature" }
Dimmer   EettafelLamp_Brightness         "Eettafel helderheid"  (BG_Keuken, Lights)                     {channel="hue:0220:XX:5:brightness"}

This all works perfectly in BasicUI, i can change the brightness and warmth of the bulb. Now i want to port those lights to homekit. I installed the openhab.homekit service. But i am having struggle seeing homekit my bulbs that can change the warmth of the bulb and brightness. The code above lets homekit sees my bulb and only change the brightness, but when i change the brightness in homekit it changes my warmth setting of the bulb.

I have tried to change EettafelLamp_ColorTemperature from Dimmer to Color, this lets homekit sees that there is a changeable color, but adjusting the brightness still changes the warmth of the white spectrum.

Is there a bug in converting ColorTemperature light bulbs to homekit, or did i configure the bulbs wrong?


I have the same problem with me (with a Tradfri E14 bulb). If I put the [“Lighting”] keyword behind both channels, I can control both with Homekit, but see brightness and color temperature as separate devices…

Same here. I use Tradfri bulbs as well. I use them via the Zigbee binding and a Zigbee stick.