Color Temperature Slider 153-500 Rule

Hello, everybody,

i have flashed some bulbs of action with Tasmota and use them with OpenHAB (i am an absolute beginner).
They are also very easy to turn on/off and dim.

But my problem is the color temperature.
The “Percentage Vlaue” slider sends only from 0 - 100 %.

But for the color temperature I need 153 (coldest) to 500 (warmest).

I once attached a screenshot of the current settings of the color temperature slider.

Dibbler42 said that it would be easy to do the whole thing over a rule, but I still have no idea about it, as I said I am a greenhorn xD. Can anyone help me?

So far I have only worked in Paper UI.

Translated with DeepL from germany.

See your existing post