Color Wheel and Fibaro RGBW

Using lastest release of openHAB 2.1 and trying to get my first Fibaro RGBW unit into play.

The thing is found
I have added the following in items

Group gRGBW "RGBW Light" <colorwheel>
Dimmer RGBWControllerAll "RGBW Light Control [%d %%]" <switch> (gRGBW) {channel="zwave:device:1b7d2486:node19:switch_dimmer"}
Color RGBW "RGBW Light Color Picker" <slider> (gRGBW)
Dimmer RGBWControllerR "RGBW Light Red [%d %%]" <switch> (gRGBW) {channel="zwave:device:1b7d2486:node19:switch_dimmer2"}
Dimmer RGBWControllerG "RGBW Light Green [%d %%]" <switch> (gRGBW) {channel="zwave:device:1b7d2486:node19:switch_dimmer3"}
Dimmer RGBWControllerB "RGBW Light Blue [%d %%]" <switch> (gRGBW) {channel="zwave:device:1b7d2486:node19:switch_dimmer4"}
Dimmer RGBWControllerW "RGBW Light White [%d %%]" <switch> (gRGBW) {channel="zwave:device:1b7d2486:node19:switch_dimmer5"}

In the sitemap I have:

sitemap test label="Test" {
    Frame label="RGB" {
       Group item=gRGBW

Each slider works fine but not the color wheel.
Do you have any idea what is wrong?

Also it would be great to have a more “full” color wheel - like:


Do you know if that is possible with sitemap and/or HABPanel?

/ Joacim

Hi there @4integration did you ever get this working?