Colorloop channel

I am currently using openhab 2.5 and am migrating (slowly and on another computer) to openhab 4.0.x. In my old setup, I have 2 Hue bulbs that I used with the channel “Color Loop” and it was simple enough to turn this on. In openhab 4.0 (and I think openhab 3, which I played with but never migrated to), there is no Channel for the “Color Loop.”

My question is, how do I use this feature in the newer openhabs? OR, do I need to program the cycling colors manually now. If so, I can figure that our or search for examples. I just need to know the direction I need to go. Thanks in advance.

Hue API V2 does not directly support the old color loop. Instead they have ‘effects’ and ‘dynamic effects’ on individual lights resp. ‘scenes’ and ‘dynamic scenes’ on rooms or zones. But these are not so sophisticated. So to emulate the old color loops, you really have only two options – namely i) program it yourself in OH, or ii) use the Hue Labs color loop automation (you can set this up via the Hue App).

Just a quick update: In their latest firmware release, Philips / Signify has added a ‘Prism Effect’ to their full color lamps. So now to execute a color loop via OH 4.x API v2 all you need to do is send PRISM to the effect channel…