Colorpicker control not available

Hello folks,

I was working around to continue configuring my items in openHAB, when I came across a problem while configuring my lightstrips. They are connected through an Output to my central smarthome system, so the configuration should be easy. My main problem is a bug (?) in my semantic layout when i´m trying to connect my Lightstrips. The HSB sliders are simply not shown. I just wanted to know if someone recently got the same problem when trying to link RGB strips, and if yes, if someone knows any workarounds. The whole bug looks very weird and I did not experienced any problem when configuring it the first time (I switched from my main server to a rasp pi)

Thx for your help

What version are you using?
I think I remember something about this being a bug and getting fixed, not sure

I am using the latest version available. I switched my OpenHAB server from my NAS to my Rasp Pi. It´s a complete new fresh installation

Could you be specific about “latest version”? It varies from day to day, and it depends where you look.

Ok hold on. It´s very weird, but I think the HSB values are only visible to my Homekit integration. Before switching from my NAS to my Rasp pi I used my iphone to control everything. When i tagged my items again on my rasp and changing the color on my home app, the sliders are popping up in OpenHAB. Very weird, but this solved the problem.