Colorpicker with DMX channels for hue, saturation and brightness


I’m really happy about the DMX binding which works great so far for me. Thanks to the developers. However, I have now new RGB LEDs which have three DMX channels for hue, saturation and brightness and I don’t figure out how to configure the items and sitemap to use them with the colorpicker.

I have defined the following dmx.things

Bridge dmx:artnet-bridge:dmx4all [ mode="unicast", refreshmode="always", address="", universe=1 ] {
    dimmer collaxx_hue_1 [dmxid="21", fadetime=1000, turnonvalue="21", turnoffvalue="0", dimtime=5000 ]
    dimmer collaxx_brightness_1 [dmxid="22", fadetime=1000, turnonvalue="255", turnoffvalue="0", dimtime=5000 ]
    dimmer collaxx_saturation_1 [dmxid="23", fadetime=1000, turnonvalue="255", turnoffvalue="0", dimtime=5000 ]
    color collaxx_color_1 [dmxid="21/3", fadetime=1000, dimtime=10000 ]

So far the slider works in my test case to change the hue, saturation and brightness individually.
I use the following dmx.items

Dimmer Sauna_collaxx_hue "Saua Farbton" { channel="dmx:dimmer:dmx4all:collaxx_hue_1:brightness" }
Dimmer Sauna_collaxx_saturation "Sauna Sättigung" { channel="dmx:dimmer:dmx4all:collaxx_saturation_1:brightness" }
Dimmer Sauna_collaxx_brightness "Sauna Helligkeit" { channel="dmx:dimmer:dmx4all:collaxx_brightness_1:brightness" }
Color Sauna_HSB "Sauna HSB" { channel="dmx:dimmer:dmx4all:collaxx_color_1:color" }

In the sitemap I use the colorpicker.

Colorpicker item=Sauna_HSB label="HSB Sauna"

However the brightness seems to be the hue. With my RGB LEDs having channels for each color R,G,B everything works fine. How can I tell the colorpicker that I have HSB channels? Or do I need to change the definition of my thing somehow?

Thanks for any idea how to fix that.

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RGB is RGB and HSB is HSB, a different representation for the same data.
Colorpicker is RGB based, AFAIK you cannot make it understand HSB.
Write a rule that is triggered on every change to your colorpicker item and that calculates HSB from the RGB values then .sendCommands these to your HSB dimmer items.
Search the forum there have been threads on RGB HSB conversion some years ago.

Hi Markus,

thanks for your quick reply. Then I will go for a rule. I already found some threads about that topic.

Best Regards,