Combination of remote https access and myopenhab cloud

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    Please let me know if it is possible to combine the functionality of remote https access as local server url ( with myopenhab cloud as remote server. I want to have a direct connection through my openhab 2 (not via cloud) and still receive notification on OH Android application from myopenhab cloud.
    If it’s a better solution (not including VPN connection ) please let me know.

I don’t think that this is currently possible since there is only one option to configure the Remote Server URL (on the mobile App)

You will either use the “direct” connection to your OH2 server (using a reverse proxy or not) or the “indirect” via

Why do you need a “direct” connection if you use

You could open a feature request for this on github if you would like :slight_smile:


Thank you for your prompt answer.
Since this issue (that I also count) it’s still there I want to have a direct connection to OH2 but I still need to be notified by myopenhab cloud when some condition are met inside my rules (use: sendBroadcastNotification command):

Also I count a delay when I try to load the sitemap in OH2 Andoid APP in case that I use a connection through the cloud…(not via “direct connection”)
Do you have a solution for this? Is it possible to install myopenhab cloud locally and use “sendBroadcastNotification”? I don’t want to use other application (telegram, pushbullet …) for notifications…

Yes, it is possible (I believe… I haven’t done it to say for sure if the notifications will also work but they should).
Check: Setup your own openhab-cloud (myopenhab) server/instance
Check also: Tutorial: Own openhab-cloud and GCM / notifications (Firebase)

Thanks a lot. I will try the second solution since it will not be necessary to use an external server…

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