Tutorial: Own openhab-cloud and GCM / notifications (Firebase)

Hi all,

I had trouble setting up push notifications for the out of the box openhab app for Android, using my own own openhab-cloud installation (installed on local Linux ARM device). From the community I received some help (special thanks to @Felix_Raetz) and this is how I got it working:

  1. Login to firebase (the new name for GCM)

Remark: As you use an Android phone, you probably have already a google account in place. You can use this account or create a new one.

  1. Move to the console

  2. add a new project and assign a name of your choice (not sure if it’s important to set the correct region, but I selected Germany for myself)

  3. Click on “add Firebase to your Android app”

  4. Enter any dummy package name like bla.bla and click on register App button (afterwards some more hints will be shown in the popup window, just close it)

  5. Click on the three dots followed by Settings

  6. Select the cloud messaging tab

  7. copy / paste the server key (=password) and sender id (=jid) to your config file (see next step).
    Important: Please note that you will need to add @gcm.googleapis.com to your sender id (people have reported that @googleapis.com works as well for them, but I use it with the gcm subdomain)

  8. Open your config file and make the required changes
    I installed openhab-cloud to /opt/openhab-cloud and my config file is config.json. Paste the copied values and don’t forget to add @gcm.googleapis.com to the sender id (=jid)

  9. when starting openhab-cloud on your server the log (in my case /var/log/syslog) should show:
    info: openHAB-cloud: Initializing XMPP connection to GCM
    and a few lines down
    info: openHAB-cloud: GCM XMPP connection is online

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Hi Stefan, I followed your instructions but I do not see the log message ‘GCM XMPP connection is online’

Can you please assist?

sorry, but I’m not an expert. If it doesn’t work (anymore) using the instructions above, I’m lost :-/

No trouble, we got it working.

would be great if you could share your findings with the forum

I didnt actually solve it :frowning: Tr1cks, Pavel on the forum did


Please let me know if I should install something else then myOpenhab Cloud Connector form PAPER UI. I ask you this because I don’t find the file config.json nor

Thank you,

phew… long time ago :wink: Meanwhile I have switched to myopenhab.org because I like to control my devices via google assistant.

For now I can just assume that I downloaded openhab cloud from here:

So I was able to choose the install dir on my own. No clue what happens if you install via PaperUI. Anyway, it should be somewhere on your system :wink:


Hi all,

as of today, I can confirm that the tutorial still works, even though the firebase-website has undergone a layout “upgrade”…


  • openHAB-Cloud 1.0.5
  • openHAB 2.4.0

Hello, who send push notifications to IOS? How can I get certificates?

Just to confirm that this tutorial is still valid today (12th december 2020), even if the Firebase interface is a bit different now… but the main concepts are still the same.
Nevertheless, my log file is inside /opt/openhabcloud/logs and not inside /var/log/syslog.

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