Config.json help

I’m usually pretty smart about these things, but I cannot figure out what some (ok, MOST) of the section in the config.json file are.

host? Are we looking for “localhost” here? Certainly not the external url?
express? No idea what this is. Google was no help either.
apn? This is an apple thing, right? If so, it won’t apply for me
gcm? I know about google cloud messaging, but where will I get the jid & password?
ifttt? I definitely want this to work, but I don’t know where to get the channelKey and TestToken
mail I can figure out mail settings for gmail
mongoDb I don’t think I will need to change anything there

which settings.json file are you refering to ? According to the tags it looks like it would be the openHAB cloud software that you are trying to install. I am not able to find any file with the name settings.json there. Could it be that you refer to config.json ?

Whoops, you are right. It is config.json. I am installing openhab-cloud

I updated the thread title.

I use my external FQDN of the host.

Did not change the default.

Same here. Kept the default. Just changed the passphrase entry to make sure to be on the save side in case it would be a service that is running at my end.

Kept the defaults here but changed the password to be on the save side for security reasons.
This might help.

Have a look here. I quickly scanned through and it looks like that doc would help.

I entered a user and a related password to make sure that it is not readable/guessable by others.