There are strings and numbers and stuff, but is there a combobox? Half of the features I am looking for needs a combobox to be controlled. The input selection for my amplifier, [DVD][CD][… and so on, spotify [Playlist Dinner][Playlist Party][Playlist F***…
Is the combobox there and I am just not seeing it, or is it missing?
Is it meant to be used as a group of strings?

Can I as a designer of add-ons set how the variables are used, I would hate that every user needs to do the same steps for all controls from Inbox to things, to controls to the thingamabob.

Just whaying if I should swing my programming over to OpenHAB from Homeseer.

are you searching for something like this -> ?

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Yes thats it. But I see now that the switch also can implement more than two values.
I was just surprised the yamaha amplifier plugin did not have this type of switch.