Comet blue eurotronic

Who to use Comet Blue eurotronic?

I buy this devices they are bluthoot valve and termostat.

I’m looking to integrate to openhub.
My gools are:

  1. Read temperature and on off (to make heating billing)
  2. program the valv

I also found this pages

Beta test Bluetooth BLE

Now I’m testing the Bluetooth Binding. Beta testers needed

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Hi, I’ve forked the original python utility for controling the cometblue thermostat ( and developed it a little bit further. Now I’m considering building binding for openHAB. Could you please bring me up to your progress?

Regares, Lukas

Just so you know, adding native support for this device is on the roadmap of the Bluetooth binding project:

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hello alltogether,

is any progress going on in this issue? the bluetooth le radiator thermostats are quite cheat, and it would be great if we could add these to openhab.

many thanks!

Hi, I implemented basic handling in xrucka/eclipse-smarthome-bluetooth-binding-device-cometblue at github (forum refuses to accept direct repo link) ; though I still have some changes in mind (can’t get around to it again - unfortunately I’m too busy, so pullrequrests are wellcomed).


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