Cometvisu: Rollershutter status

Hi there,

I successfully installed OH2 and Cometvisu, which after some hassle kinda works…

Now I’m looking for an item in cometvisu that would display the percent value of the rollershutter. The only thing that did show 1…100% was the LinearBargraph. How could I display the percent as percent in a text field or a DisplayGauge?


        <gauge type="LinearBargraph" minValue="0" maxValue="1" width="350" height="50" lcdDecimals="2" unitStringVisible="true" unitString="pct">
          <layout colspan="5" rowspan="1"/>
          <address transform="OH:rollershutter" mode="read">NUMBER:Rollos_EG_Arbeitszimmer_FensterNord</address>

Does not work:

  	<gauge type="DisplaySingle" minValue="0" maxValue="1" width="350" height="50" lcdDecimals="2" unitStringVisible="true">
         <layout colspan="5" rowspan="1"/>
         <address transform="OH:rollershutter" mode="read" >NUMBER:Rollos_EG_Arbeitszimmer_FensterNord</address>


Why don’t you use a slide? Value is formatable (to add the % after the value) and if you only use addresses with more=“read” it will be readonly.