CometVisu UI under openHab2 runnung on Synology

Hi All,
after having lost a few hours to install cometVisu on my synology openhab2 installation I decided to share the final solution:

  1. Install addons from Paper UI : CometVisu BackEnd, PHP support for CometVisu
  2. Change permissions to the config file : sudo chmod 777 /volume1/homes/openhab/conf/services/cometvisu.cfg
  3. Edit cometvisu.cfg and change : webFolder=/volume1/homes/openhab/userdata/CometVisu/src
  4. create the client dir :mkdir /volume1/homes/openhab/userdata/CometVisu/
  5. Change permissions to the folder : sudo chown openhab:users /volume1/homes/openhab/userdata/CometVisu/
  6. Go to the root web page of openhab (:8080) and select CometVisu
  7. Set the same path int the text box (/volume1/homes/openhab/userdata/CometVisu/src) , flag autodownload and Install

This should work.


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