CometVisu update to latest release candidate


I have installed the latest OH2 stable version. This included the cometvisu UI version 0.9.1. Is there a way to use the latest release candidate of the cometvisu to be able to use the latest features developed by the team.

best regards René

OH2 does not include the CometVisu itself, but only the CometVisu Binding which is responsible for the communication between the CometVisu and openHAB. So you can install any version of the CometVisu somewhere on your openHAB Server an tell the OH-CometVisu binding where to find it (services/cometvisu.cfg -> webFolder setting).


yes you are right. I was able now to use the new release.


Is it possible to install Cometvisu on a Synology NAS?

I don’t know what’s possible on a Synology NAS. But as it is a NAS I assume that you can upload files to it :wink: And thats all you need to “install” the CometVisu as is it nothing more that a simple Website (Javascript + HTML + CSS).

Ok thanks i Will try that thourght that i should install somthing lige ag spk file:slight_smile:

How does the binding work i cant find where i edit the binding in OH2 and what about the php support - how does that work?Preformatted text

As every other OH2 binding there exists a config file named cometvisu.cfg in the services sub-directory, where you can change some settings. Thats all you can and need to configure for the binding. And the PHP support adds an PHP5 interpreter completely written in Java, which executes most of the PHP files. Some PHP files are replaced by native JAVA-Code.

Thanks i will try later this evening and se if i Can get it working :slight_smile:


I got it working :slight_smile:
I placed it in the openHAB2/conf/html folder and edit cometvisu.cfg file.

Vola and thanks.

Do you know of examples file to create a site - can see there is diffferent demos. and how do i connect to my items in openHAB?

You can use an existing sitemap as a starting point, if you e,g, have a sitemap named home you can load it in the cometvisu with http://:8080/cometvisu/?config=home. If you want to modify it by hand, you can download the xml with http://:8080/cometvisu/config/visu_config_home.xml save it in the cometvisu’s config folder and edit the XML with an XML editor.