Comfo Air Binding - How to switch of Comfo Air (resolved)

Hi All,

I have some nice rules controlling the Comfo Air leveraging the Comfo Air Binding. Whilst it is very easy to steer the ventilation levels 1,2,3,4 I wonder whether there is a possibility to switch of ventilation completely. This helps in case the outside temperature is much higher than the inside temperature. In other words, you do not want to blow in warmer air from outside if you have inside cooler temperature.

At the moment I see only one solution, which is to switch of the energy. Just not sure how healthy it is for the comfoair system to switch it of radically by taking off energy.

Actually, I have resolved the issue. 1 is Level A. In my case A does not mean “Automatic”, but it switches the comfo air off. I guess A comes from the German word “Aus” which is “Off” in English.

@FCZ_1896 - just found your post here. “A” means “Abwesend” and switches not really off but to a minimum airflow level (15% in standard). How did you connect your comfoair to openhab?

Hi Bernd,
if it’s still an open issue:

Sorry my late answer, i just saw your question now.

I basically used a serial to usb cable. Plugged the serial into comoair and the USB into the raspberry on which i run OH.

I hope this helps.