Comfo Air Binding - UTP Connection instead of Serial


I have a “Zehnder (J.E. Stork Air) ComfoD 550” ventilation unit. I’m assuming it’s the same thing as the “ComfoAir 550” mentioned in the Comfo Air Binding.

The ComfoAir Binding documentation assumes a serial port connection between the ComfoD/ComfoAir and the server running OpenHAB2. However, it my location this is not possible (not in the same room), and my Synology (which runs OpenHAB) does not have a serial port.

As an alternative, I was considering a Moxa NPort, to be able to connect the serial Port to a network cable (UTP), actually giving the ventilation unit an IP address.

However, I’m not sure it will work. What do I need to specify in the configuration for e.g. “comfoair:port”?

Anything else I need to think of?


Is there anyone who was able to connect their Comfo Air unit via the IP network and control it using OpenHAB?

not me, I use serial.

The only way this will work with a Moxa Nport, is if you get the data on your NAS via a virtual serial port. I’m not sure if this is even possible, since it would require driver installation on the NAS. The existing TCP/UDP binding cannot be used, since it only supports ASCII communication and has issues with binary comms.



Hi Dries,

actually I do. My ComfoAir unit is connected vi USB to a raspberry running ser2net.
On my openhab machine I run a socat instance to create a virtual serial port and connect to the remote ser2net port.

This is working very well for me. Be advised though that every couple of days socat crashes and needs to be restarted (I use monit to monitor and restart socat automatically). I have not yet found out why socat crashes regularly…


BTW, I forgot to mention that I am still on openhab-1

Hi both,
Thanks for your replies. Will explore more in this area.