ComfoAir Binding issues with ComfoAir 350

In my OpenHAB I’m using the ComfoAir Binding to manage a ComfoAir 350. Controlling the fan, switching between app and cceayse and other items are working well but I have some Issues with this Items:

  • bypass
  • it seams like the binding is using a wrong command to read the data. The Binding uses 0x37
    to read the data, but RS232 ComfoAir is saying that 0x0E or 0x3C can be used.

Did anyone see the bypass switching?

Hi everybody

today I have finally connected my ComfoAir 350 with openhab and I was facing the same problem:
all device commands are throwing warnings after updated the first time, besides “activate” and the four temperature commands.
Filter commands also throw ArrayIndexOutOfBoundExceptions.

Any solutions?


Hmm, not good… I bought a ComfoAir 350 on the premise it would work with OH :frowning:

It is working well.

At the moment just the display of the bypass is not working. But you I plan to fix that issue when I know that it is not working for others, too. I don’t know if other models are working with that command.

Haven’t finished the house, hence, also not yet installed the 350…

@Sebian: I seem to remember, that the reading of the bypass Status worked for me last summer. As I changed my persistance with OH2 in autumn I don’t have data of this anymore and at present it’s too cold outside (at least in Germany! :slight_smile: ) for the bypass to open. So I can’t check at present.
What I occasionally get is the following WARNings:

2017-03-20 10:44:21.582 [WARN ] [.comfoair.handling.ComfoAirConnector] - Unable to handle data. Data size not valid
2017-03-20 10:44:21.585 [WARN ] [.comfoair.handling.ComfoAirConnector] - skip CMD: de DATA:  00 de 14 00 02 af 00 72 79 00 02 75 00 73 00 00 22 c8 1d 48 00 00 00 24 98
2017-03-20 10:44:22.590 [WARN ] [.comfoair.handling.ComfoAirConnector] - Retry cmd. Last call was not successful. Request:  07 f0 00 dd 00 8a 07 0f Response:  07 f3 07 f0 00 de 14 00 02 af 00 72 79 00 02 75 00 73 00 00 22 c8 1d 48 00 00 00 24 98 07 0f

but this doesn’t seem to be connected with your issue, does it?

@Sepp: the binding itself works perfectly, if you don’t Count the occasional WARNings described above. So if your Installation throws ERRORs like you described, you could start a new thread with your configuration and we can have a look at it.

So, as it was just about time to change my filters anyways, I did some research, and as it appears, I’m missing:

  • Bypass reading ({comfoair="bypass_mode"})
  • external filter reading ({comfoair="filter_error_extern"})
  • error message ({comfoair="error_message"})

at least those three don’t show up in the events.log,

all others do:

  • control ({comfoair="activate"})
  • fan Level ({comfoair="fan_level"})
  • target temperature ({comfoair="target_temperatur"})
    reading and writing
  • fresh air temp ({comfoair="outdoor_incomming_temperatur"})
  • exhaust air temp ({comfoair="outdoor_outgoing_temperatur"})
  • supply air temp ({comfoair="indoor_incomming_temperatur"})
  • exhaust air temp ({comfoair="indoor_outgoing_temperatur"})
  • Ventilation supply air ({comfoair="incomming_fan"})
  • Ventilation exhaust air ({comfoair="outgoing_fan"})
  • filter runtime ({comfoair="filter_running"})
  • internal filter status ({comfoair="filter_error_intern"})
  • external filter status ({comfoair="filter_error_extern"})

I also found out, not all commands from the protocol description are available in the binding. What I miss most, is the “filter reset”, so i opened a new thread:

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Thanks a lot, I found that I did a mistake, after reading your replies. I was of the opinion that it is possible to control the bypass, therefore I was using a switch for it. After a look into the items definition a saw that it is a Number which is mapped by a mapping. After using a Dummy instead of a switch everything works well.

Thank you for creating a new Thread for the reset filter functionality, that will make it easier to reset it. Each time I replaced the filter, I was looking into the documentation to find out how to reset this.