ComfoAir binding limits and workarounds


I am now controlling my ComfoAir 350 Luxe with openhab via RS232.
Since I use rs232-to-usb cable, I had problems with CCease shutting down once I connected rs232, so I just removed CCease for now.

After playing with openhab and CA binding for a few days, I have questions about limitation of this setup.
Here are my issues:

Without CCease my CA350 is now very static. I can manually change fan level, and that’s it. I plan to create a rule in openhab to substitute program function of CCease. Like - level 1 at night, level A when we are usually at work, level 2 for 2 hours before sleep time to get fresh air for sleep… Has anyone already done that? I’d love to see your rules.

Lack of PARTY mode (30minutes of fan level at full).
I also think I can solve this with rule, or maybe script… I already have the draft code, but must figure out, how to connect this code to switch/button in OH interface. I would also like to see the remaining time in party mode, and have an option to interrupt it before 30 min ends if needed. Any ideas? (will post code in next post)

Lack of parameter control (CCease programming of parameters P30-P39… At change of summer/winter I also changed ratio of input/output fans). As far as I know, this is not doable via OH binding to CA? Or is it? If it is not - then this is the only thing for which I will have to keep CCease.).

So, here is my first try at creating a rule/script to act as a PARTY mode (see first post in this thread - point no 2).

I want to have:

  • one switch to put ventilation on max setting for 30 min
  • ability to see how many minutes of party mode remains
  • ability to “cancel” party mode with same button (switch).

here is the code, but I still did not figure it out how to connect this script to switch… + if the code works at all :slight_smile:

In my default.items file i have put this:

Switch VentilationPartySwitch ???what-to-put-here???
Number Ventilation_Party_Countdown “Party remaining time [%d min]”


import org.openhab.core.library.types.*
import org.openhab.core.types.Command
import org.openhab.core.types.*
import org.openhab.core.items.GenericItem

rule “party”
Item VentilationPartySwitch changed from OFF to ON

var Number i = 30
var State InitialVentilationLevel = Ventilation_Fan_Level.state
while (i>0) {
  	if Item VentilationPartySwitch changed from ON to OFF
  		i = 0
i = i-1


I released all of my rules, including the one who controls my ComforAir System.

I slowdown my fan if

  • I’m away
  • I’m sleeping (to reduce noices)
  • Over the day, if its too warm outside
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