ComfoAir Homekit Integration

Hi guys.

Is there a way to visualize the Fan Level of a ComfoAir unit within the HomeKit integration?

My config file
Number Lueftung_Fan_Level "Stufe [%d]" <selfAiring> (Lueftung) {comfoair="fan_level"}

The data types Lighting, Switchable, CurrentTemperature, CurrentHumidity and Thermostat are not suitable from my perspective…


Hey @vschwaberow,
It might not be an exact answer for what you are looking for, but I managed to get visualisation in two ways

  1. You may create chart in GUI which will use rrd4j for giving you graphical output of recorded values.
  2. Use external tool which will query your persistent store and do graphs externally (ie. influxdb+grafana).

Depending on your technical knowledge first approach might be easier to start, and second will give you more control over what/how you would like to present data.

Below you can find example output from my Komfovent unit - every numeric item may be drawn:


Hi Lukasz. Yes, not really the answer I was looking for, as I am trying to get the control to work with Apple HomeKit. But as visualization is another aspect of my integration this helps with this one. Well appreciated, thank you.

One question … How is the frequency of your time series data?

I poll data every 10-30-60 seconds (ie. outside temperature is every 60s) and then let influx group it by 2 minutes. If there are multiple values collected in 120 seconds then mean value is picked up.

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Hi Lukasz,
please can you write me, how you control Komfovent unit ? Modbus? Some tips & tricks or what hardware I need? :wink:

Thank you

My Komfovent unit is quite basic, control panel is two line display and few buttons. Nothing fancy. For such cases producer offers Ping2 module which is modbus tcp and bacnet/ip gateway or adapter for their ventillation units. More advanced products/controllers (“high end”) do not require such addon - they have built in network capabilities.

Ping2 does not support advanced bacnet features such change of value notifications (COV) thus its is a poll based just like modbus. Integration for bacnet I had to write myself. That’s how org.openhab.binding.bacnet and bacnet4j-wrapper utility was born.