Comitup error

I’m getting this comitup error as well. The comitup process is failing and restarting continuously, using 40 to 50% cpu. I’ve only had one reboot. It seems to be installing, but very slowly.

I had wanted to installed over wifi, but could not get that to work. It seems that comitup ignores /boot/wpa_supplicant.conf. I finally got it to connect over ethernet.

Actually I found somewhere how to disable comitup (boot.txt or something).
I check my docs, but I don’t remember where though, sorry.

What error.

Duh. You must not manually mess with files.

You can also disable it via systemctl disable comitup but comitup will only fire up if there’s no connectivity.
So get your Wi-Fi right and it should disappear. And use openhabian.conf/openhabian-config for that.

Force of habit. /boot/wpa_supplicant is how I’ve always configured Rpi wifi. Once it was updated over ethernet, it then let me configure the WiFi over comitup’s web. I logged comitup’s constant restarting as a bug on github.

Isn’t editing openhabian.conf messing with files? :slight_smile:


Sorry, I didn’t really answer your first question, “What error”. I logged it here: comitup continuously restarting, using 40-50% cpu · Issue #1556 · openhab/openhabian · GitHub

My interpretation of the error log is that comitup is trying to open port 80 while some other process, or a previous instance, has it open already.

I’m doing a trial install on an old pi 3 so that I can familiarize myself with openhab 3.1 before upgrading my 2.5 system. When I do that install, I’ll look into the comitup error more, should it pop up.

Thanks, Andy