Command 'an' is not supported by type 'OnOffValue': No enum constant


i am using the homeassistant mqtt plugin to get the values from my esp-ems Gateway. i only use a little selection of mqtt channels. But my log is flooded with warnings like this:

Command ‘aus’ from channel ‘mqtt:homeassistant_ems_2Desp_2Dthermostat:901628e3:ems_2Desp_2Dthermostat:thermostat_5Fhc1_5Fswitch_2Don_5Foptimization#switch’ not supported by type ‘OnOffValue’: No enum constant org.openhab.core.library.types.OnOffType.aus

fo the items i use, i created a map. But all the warnings will be generated by cahnnels that i dont use/created. its created by the homeassistan automatism. is it possible to create a gloabl mapping of

Thanks :slight_smile:

You have to map the values in the mqtt Channel onValue: an and offValue: aus.
MAP transformation is one way, it highly depends on where you did the configuration.

A Channel (e.g, mqtt generic thing channel) has incomming value transformation and outgoing value transformation, so you’ll have to define both directions separate.

A link profile afaik is one way, only Channel to Item will be covered by transformation, not Item to Channel.

Finally, a transformation in the label part will only affect displaying the status, but not the status itself (i.e. the status will stay the same as without transformation)

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