Command substitution: ignored null byte in input

Hello All,

I am a newbie to OpenHabian.

Trying to setup OpenHabian 1.4.1 on RPI 3 Model B+.

Etched the image on SD card (32gb) and inserted to rpi.

I am seeing the following warning over and over again and nothing happens.

“ line 56: warning: Command substitution: ignored null byte in input”

Please help.

Thank you.

Is it a new SD card?
Try again, new download, new flash


Yes it is a new SD card.
Did the new flash multiple times, no luck.
Also tried with an old SD card (16gb), same issue.

Anything else i can try?


Did you try downloading the image again?


Downloaded 3 times, flashed it 4-5 times. (2 different SD cards).
Same error.

Also tried with my old RPI 1 B+.
Seeing the same error.