Commercial motion sensor supporting MQTT

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I would like to streamline the protocols and technologies in my Smarthome as much as possible. Therefore i was looking into motion detectors that support MQTT. I have found many interesting DIY projects, but I would prefer a sensor that is readily available. Flashing new firmware or similar is not a problem but I do not want to print a custom housing.

Do you have any recommendations?

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Over what medium?

Preferably WiFi, but Ethernet would also work.

I’ve seen industrial IP/PoE units (Optex Redwall, GJD, Genisys, etc.) but these are seriously priced, and not MQTT at all.

You could use the Xiaomi Aqara Human body sensor with zigbee2mqtt
The Communication would be:
Sensor via zigbee to zigbee2mqtt
zigbee2mqtt via mqtt to OH

These are seriously priced, I guess this is not really what I’m looking for…starting to think it does not exist :-/

Thanks for the recommendation, I’m trying to reduce complexity, if I understand you right I will need another “Zigbee” Bridge for this approach. I was hoping their is a sesions that is connected by WiFi and can be configured to use mqtt to communicate with openhab.

You just need a cc2531 usb stick (EUR 3,5 via ebay) and flash it with the correct firmware (via esp8266 or arduino). Its not that complicated.


WiFi products are problematic for battery life. Wired ethernet is not in vogue for home devices. There isn’t really much call for domestic devices in these classes, competitive technologies win.

That is true, forcing us to think out of the Box :wink:

I wasn’t aware of this solution, it looks promising. I guess i will dig into it further to see if this approach fits. Thanks.

An option would be to select an alarm system (DSC, Paradox), which has motion sensors connected to it in all rooms - and connect to that system through MQTT.

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So, what I finally did was to combine my requirement for surveillance with the Possibility to detect motion. Basically I’m using Amcrest PoE cameras which control my lighting based on motion detection and rules integration.