Commercial Openhab Users

A bit of general information: British Telecom (BT) uses openHab in a Smart Home Showcase.
BT is a contributory host to a summer internship for school pupils. I was watching a showcase that they gave over my child’s shoulder. They were talking about telecommunications in general and smart homes in particular. The presenter wandered around a “home” in which they had smart lights, televisions, sound systems and etc. He showed how the lights could be controlled, and also how the room could be set up for movie viewing by one button press lowering the lights, increasing the television volume etc.
It was all controlled via a tablet, which he introduced in an off-hand way, as “This is openHab”.

It was interesting to see that such a large commercial concern is using openHAB. I notice that BT are certainly pushing Smart Home devices in their online shop.


They are using Eclipse Smart Home. OpenHAB was a free implementation of that at one time but has moved on after development on ESH stopped.

I believe BT do their own development in house now.

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