Commercial support for openHAB from ConnectorIO

The ConnectorIO was launched in 2018 based on earlier experiences with openHAB and other open source communities.

We (me personally) developed BACnet binding for OH 1.x at the time when OH 2.0 was still in early phase. Before launching of ConnectorIO I supported BACnet binding and answered couple of commercial inquiries. I also helped with couple others bindings.

Since ConnectorIO launch we assisted several commercial deployments based on this project. Prior founding ConnectorIO I worked on multiple production grade integrations based on Apache Karaf. Our experience with OSGi as a fundamental technology is longer than existence of openHAB thus we know how to manage the runtime from ground level. I believe we are one of best, if not the best, entity to help you with development of products which utilize openHAB.

We are able to offer interested parties:

  • Development of pure Java protocols (software development kits).
  • Development of third party bindings ie. if you have a product which you would like to integrate with openHAB.
  • Customization if you would like to base your product on top of openHAB.
  • Onsite/offsite consultancy, technology training and OSGi/Karaf bootstrapping for developers.
  • Authentication & Authorization setups involving OAuth 2/OpenID Connect.
  • … we are open for collaboration also in software related other areas :slight_smile:

ConnectorIO is limited company registered in Poland. It is valid VAT EU payee. In case of inquires feel free to send me a message over forum or use contact details available on our company webpage:

We support following integrations:

  • BACnet
  • Beckhoff AMS/ADS
  • CANopen
    This binding is also base which allows us to support integration with Technische Alternative heating controllers over their CAN interface.
  • Siemens S7
  • WM-Bus - developed with/for Kugu Home
    This binding is stuck with openHAB 2.x. It is awaiting an major migration in order to better utilize common parts between M-Bus and WM-Bus.
  • Relay Weblog (scrap data from admin interface, availability per inquiry).
  • CAN bus (planned)
  • M-Bus (planned)

The long term strategy we put in works is creation of industrial gateway which utilize openHAB concepts and parts.

Your sincerely,
Łukasz Dywicki
Co-founder & CEO
ConnectorIO sp. z o.o.

Don’t get your point Bruce.
ConnectorIO (Lukasz) is offering commercial support on different levels which is fine imho. And he contributed some good stuff to ESH and openHAB.
What did you want to say regarding the trademark? There was nothing in OP.

Ok then this is just a commercial advertisement. I see now it is in a Marketplace area. Since ESH was not mentioned I did not realize they had a known history here.

One service that could be useful would be to offer a paid alternative to the myopenhab cloud server. The Foundation cannot charge and has limited functionality due to limited resources.