Community hardware for the Raspberry Pi - devs wanted

Hello there,

I’m very new over here, hope this is ok:

I have been working on an extension hardware for the Raspberry Pi for the last year : and I have a spare prototype that I would like to donate to a serious Home Assistant developer to tinker / integrate the comms.

My goal is to create an open community hardware where people can just about install anything without having to add many modules or wires. The device it is a bit industrial like, that is because that is my background - hopefully not a bad thing. You can find more tech info here:

In terms of pricing, I haven’t got there yet, my intention is to get enough interest to order some units and offer them (via kickstarter or similar) at a cost.

If anyone is interested or have any questions, please do ask me. More than happy to answer any questions.


A bit of an update of where I am right now negotiation pricing:

Any feedback is welcome, even if to say I’m a barking mad dog alone here :smiley: