Community login issues

Who can assist me with a forum issue please?

i cant login ‘BigCol’ is my username

I looked at your profile and I don’t see anything unusual. Your account is not locked or staged or hidden or anything like that.

Based on the URL it looks like something failed with the oauth2 negotiation. I couldn’t say what but it’s not something I can fix as a moderator. It’ll take someone from @staff to fix, if it is indeed a problem on our side and not on Google’s side.

Have you tried multiple browsers or at least restarting your browser?

Are you accessing the forum through a web proxy?

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Issue exists on both Chrome and Edge (I guess Edge is built on chrome these days?) and on 2 different machines.
I’m not using a proxy


any ideas please guys?

What happens when you try to log in using your phone on mobile data?

Did you try:

  • to clear the browsers cache
  • to clear the browsers cookies
  • to login using a private/incognito window/tab ?
  • do your browser settings allow cookies to be set ?

same issue on mobile whether on wifi or 4G. So that’s 3 devices now all with the same issue.

Yes to all :frowning:

i seem to have 2 problems,

  1. when i try to login using my username BigCol i get ‘Unknown Error’

  2. When i try and use the google authentication i get the error in my first post

using this new account ‘bbh’ i can login.

I can also login using my Google Account ‘’

So this doesn’t look like an environment issue but an account issue.
Hope this extra info helps.

I have found a PC that i’m logged in on, and is working. i bet if I log out i wont be able to log in again, i expect i would get the errors above.

Issue resolved. I removed Openhab from the google Authenticated Apps list.
Then logged in successfully.

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