Compatibility with Bluetooth TRVs

I now have three different types of bluetooth radiator valve controllers (because each time I want another one I look for the cheapest). They are the Equiva EQ3, the Blue Comet and the Xavax. Can I control all of these from OpenHAB? If so, do I need different addon’s for each device type, or are they all compatible?

I don’t think I require the temperature sensing features of these valves (because next to a radiator seems to me about the stupidest place that it is possible to imagine putting a thermostat) nor do I need the timed programme feature (because OpenHAB can do this) - I just need the ability to open and close the valve remotely from my Windows PC (or maybe in future from a Raspberry Pi or an ESP32).


Rowan Sylvester-Bradley

Maybe, there is an unofficial bluetooth binding, though I think that mainly just reports the presence of BT devices, not controls BT devices. There might be another one, I’m not sure.

I couldn’t agree more.

I’m really interested to follow this thread as being able to fit some affordable and effective TRV value control for some customers who are unable to otherwise control a radiator is something I can’t offer right now.

There is the Fritz Dect 301 unit, but it’s not cheap and it does require a FritzBox (as far as I can tell)

Have you seen this thread?

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Yeah, I saw that some time ago.

It’s a great setup :slight_smile:

If I were to reproduce that, I’d probably opt for a WiFi relay

From Robot Electronics

{Update – I’ve just noticed that this relay supports MQTT}

But the holy grail would be a small battery powered (with optional local power) common protocol TRV head, that is just dumb and provides feedback about real valve position and power supply status.



Good, but power hungry.

If you come across anything like this let me know

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