Compatibility with Bluetooth TRVs

(Rowan Sylvester-Bradley) #1

I now have three different types of bluetooth radiator valve controllers (because each time I want another one I look for the cheapest). They are the Equiva EQ3, the Blue Comet and the Xavax. Can I control all of these from OpenHAB? If so, do I need different addon’s for each device type, or are they all compatible?

I don’t think I require the temperature sensing features of these valves (because next to a radiator seems to me about the stupidest place that it is possible to imagine putting a thermostat) nor do I need the timed programme feature (because OpenHAB can do this) - I just need the ability to open and close the valve remotely from my Windows PC (or maybe in future from a Raspberry Pi or an ESP32).


Rowan Sylvester-Bradley

(Rich Koshak) #2

Maybe, there is an unofficial bluetooth binding, though I think that mainly just reports the presence of BT devices, not controls BT devices. There might be another one, I’m not sure.

(Stuart Hanlon) #3

I couldn’t agree more.

I’m really interested to follow this thread as being able to fit some affordable and effective TRV value control for some customers who are unable to otherwise control a radiator is something I can’t offer right now.

There is the Fritz Dect 301 unit, but it’s not cheap and it does require a FritzBox (as far as I can tell)

(Vincent Regaud) #4

Have you seen this thread?

(Stuart Hanlon) #5


Yeah, I saw that some time ago.

It’s a great setup :slight_smile:

If I were to reproduce that, I’d probably opt for a WiFi relay

From Robot Electronics

{Update – I’ve just noticed that this relay supports MQTT}

But the holy grail would be a small battery powered (with optional local power) common protocol TRV head, that is just dumb and provides feedback about real valve position and power supply status.


(Vincent Regaud) #6


Good, but power hungry.

If you come across anything like this let me know