Compensate for delay from KNX for switch item

Dear all,

I have an OpenHab2 installation with KNX Bindings. I would like to make the HVAC mode configurable from Openhab.

I have the following KNX-binding:
Type string : 2F_Bathroom_Heating_Mode "2F_Bathroom_Heating_Mode" [ ga="20.102:3/5/220+<3/5/221" ]
with the following item configuration:
String 2F_Bedroom_Heating_Mode "Mode []" <time> channel="knx:device:bridge:Heating:2F_Bedroom_Heating_Mode"}
and the following site map:
Switch item=2F_Bathroom_Heating_Mode mappings=[Comfort=On,Economy=Night,"Building Protection"=Off]

It works fine; but there is a delay which is annoying in the Android app.
For example: Assume the current state is ‘ON’. If I click on “Night”; then the item switches back to ON and after a few seconds it switches to Night.

Note that it is in line with the delay of the KNX device when monitoring the KNX-bus communication in ETS. It takes a couple of seconds before 3/5/221 reports the update.

The “switching back”-issue is only in the Android-app; the web-interface does not have this issue (it keeps the selection). Is there a way to compensate for it in the Android app?

First: The Item is the wrong one :wink: (Bed vs. Bath)

Second: It would be better to use quotes an every string:

Switch item=2F_Bathroom_Heating_Mode mappings=["Comfort"="On","Economy"="Night","Building Protection"="Off"]

For the problem with the update, I think you should add a , autoupdate="false" to your Item, although I’m not sure if this will solve your issue.

String 2F_Bathroom_Heating_Mode "Mode []" <time> { channel="knx:device:bridge:Heating:2F_Bathroom_Heating_Mode", autoupdate="false" }