Complete Newbie - help

Complete Newbie , been following many tutorials to get simple sonoff flashed with Tasmoto to work from openhabian via mqtt. Finally got it working last night but ended up with two identical “items” files , one called sonoff.items and the other home.items (from different tutorials i think). If i delete either of the files it stops working !

That sounds like a simple sync problem.

Just shutdown openhab, delete on of those files and restart openhab again. If they contain the same content, you shouldn’t get problems anymore.

Alternate approach would be to delete one items file and change the other one at runtime, e.g. newline, and save it again. Openhab rebuilds the items if a change on an items file is detected. That’s where you problem comes from.

Thats great thanks i`ll try that when i get home

Worked a treat thankyou