Conceptual question regarding thing - items relation

Hi *,

this is in my point of view a usability question or perhaps a feature request. :wink:

  • When a thing is deleted, this is not propagated to the items. So you have to delete the items manually before or after deleting a thing, with the risk of accidentally deleting a wrong item.

  • Also, if I deactivate a thing temporarily, the related items still show up in the overview pages. This makes not much sense, because for example in case of a temperature sensor, the displayed value is void.

The question is, what is a convenient way for the average user? And such a user would expect items to be hidden if the thing is disabled or items to be removed, if the thing is deleted. I know there are exceptions where you wouldn’t like to have this, but you would solve this for example be making the propagated deletion optional.

How do you think about this?


Items can be linked with none or many Things, so this wouldn’t really work out.

Yes, that’s what I would regard as an exception and this could be checked by oh before deleting. :wink:
But in the case where the items of a thing are not linked to a second thing this would be a convenient way.

If you want to delete the Items you can open the Thing’s Channels page and there is a “Remove Links and Delete Items” option at the bottom of the page.

It is a deliberate design choice to not automatically delete Items when the Thing is created. There are too many use cases where doing so would be disastrous to users.

Hey, cool. That’s exactly what I searched for. And I agree, automatic deletion of items by default would is not the way to go.

Thanks a lot. :+1: