.config files: :org.apache.felix.configadmin.revision:=L"1" and service.bundleLocation="?"

  • Platform information:
    • OS: Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
    • Java Runtime Environment: JDK1.8.0_161
    • openHAB version: OH2, Snapshot #1486
  • Issue of the topic: Update to latest snapshot

Hello Folks,

I would like to update from snapshot #1486 to Snapshot #1722. I’ve tried several times on my testsystem. In principle, this works very well while using C:\openHAB2\runtime\bin\update.bat.

But now my question:

The update function has been programmed that no .config files are overwritten. It is a must-have.

But many newer .config files (of the newer snapshots) containing the following entries:


I would like to add these entries also into my old .config files (cause they were not overwritten).

How to determine the correct :=L"xx" number and how to determine the service.bundleLocation="?"

I don’t want to install OH2 from scratch, because I want to keep jsondb and rrd4j db.

How could I achieve that?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Do you know about backup and restore? Would be much simpler to backup configuration and databases, remove and install openHAB, restore configuration and databases.

If you’re frightened about losing data, make a full backup in addition…

Yes, I know how to do a “full backup” and a “full restore”. And I know about backup of “conf folder” and restore “conf folder”. But I do not know about “databases backup” and “databases restore”. Is it just copying the folders?

For rrd4j, mapdb, and SQLite it is indeed just copying the folders. And I believe that openhab-cli backup/restore includes those folders as part of the backups. For any other non-embedded database, the way to backup and restore will depend on that specific software, though because those are running external to OH they probably don’t need to be messed with during an upgrade like this.

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Ok, thanks a lot. What about the folder \jsondb? Also just copying?

Yes, JSONDB just need to be copied.

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