Config of Milight 1.x binding not loading

Hi together,

I’m trying to run the milight 1.8.3 binding with OH2b4. Unfortunately the config does not seem load.

Here is what I did:

  • installed openhab2 with ap-get
  • copied the 1.8.3 milight jar file into /usr/share/openhab2/addons
  • config file /etc/openhab2/services/milight.cfg looks like

After I started openhab I can see in the karaf console, that the bundle is active.
But if I now trigger a command for the milight binding I see the following log entry:

20:15:12.426 [DEBUG] [ding.milight.internal.MilightBinding] - milight: item is of type brightness
20:15:12.427 [DEBUG] [ding.milight.internal.MilightBinding] - milight: sendOn
20:15:12.428 [DEBUG] [ding.milight.internal.MilightBinding] - milight: messageBytes to transform: '45:00:55'
20:15:12.429 [DEBUG] [ding.milight.internal.MilightBinding] - Sent packet '45:00:55' to bridge 'bridge1' (null:50000)

So it looks like the config file is not loading.

Any suggestions what I am doing wrong?

Why not use the openHAB2 Version of the binding ?
Or You can try a openHAB1.9.0-Snapshot Version. Latest Update can be downloaded here

Thanks for the advise! The version 1.9 is working fine with the installation method, I mentioned above. (Installing of v1.9 via PaperUI didn’t work for me => it always installed v2)

I will test v2 also, when I have some time.