hello, sir/madam,
I want to configure withings binding, i have Clint id, client secret, authorization code, access token also , these all data get from oauth2.0, how to use these data to configure Withings binding, in openhab, because i didn’t see this binding in paper UI, i was read Withings binding document in openhab but i did not understand, can you please tell me how to configure, thank you.

Hi Vinod,

You already started a topic for this question. This is the second time you’ve reposted, and I see that you were previously asked not to do so.

Please understand that we want to be helpful and do not want to turn you away, but you’re not providing enough detail for us to help.

This post explains how new users should ask questions so that we can help you succeed with openHAB. I encourage you to read it carefully. One of the key points is that we are not here to provide step-by-step instructions to set up your system. We expect new users to try for yourself, then show us your work so that we can help you fix it.

If you follow these instructions with your next post, it will be possible for us to help you.


Okay sir!! Sorry for the inconvenience , thank you

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