Configurable clock with knob in Template widget?

Hello community,

it is time to switch from silent reading into active asking mode. :smiley: Since this is my very first post here, I want to say ‘hello’ to the openhab community and congratulate everyone to that great project. I became a fan during the last weeks… :smile:
HABPanel helps me in a very easy, intuitive and powerful way to configure a GUI for my home-smart-home project. I wasn’t expecting this ease of use… Great stuff!!!

Well, enough warm words.:wink:

I have defined some event timers which can be controlled via sliders on a HabPanel dashboard. Now, I would like to controll the event timer with a knob-like widget, where the value is not a single numeric but the defined time. My plan was to set min to 0 and max to 24*60 minutes to encode a whole day.
The displayd value in the knob widget should has the format hh:mm.

To avoid a new widget implementation, I started to play around with the template widget and integrate the knob widget manually. Then I found the onEnd-field in the options of knob.widget.js code. The function seems to asign the value which has to be displayed in the widget. My assumption is, to asign not a numeric value but a formated string to encode a daytime.

Acording to this post (Link) I tried to add the onEnd filed but had no success. Is the template widget able to expose onEnd aswell? Is there a way to change the format of a display value of a knob?


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do you have a solution for this?
I’m looking for a widget for a RTR with day/night temperature based on two configurable clock (hh:mm).