Configuration files vs. JsonDB

is there somewhere a comprehensive overview which explains the differences and the advantages/disadvantages between using configuration files and using JsonDB as storge for configuration?

Currently it seems I run a wild mixture of if - things being discovered on the UI in the database, sitemap, items and rules in the config files.

Is this mixture normal? What does your config look like?


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If you can configure it in the UI, then it will be stored in the database. This is true of items, things and some experimental functions where you need to choose which way you define your configuration. You can mix the config where some things are configured in text files, and others through the UI, but this is just likely to create confusion, so I’d probably not recommend that.

If you configure it through text files, then it stays in the text file. Sitemaps and the main rule system are only configurable through text files.

JsonDB is just the backend storage for the UI. In general, it’s not meant to be edited manually, although this is perfectly possible with some limitations and care.

I hope that helps - I can understand it can be a bit confusing and ultimately everything should be more consistent as more OH2/ESH interfaces replace the OH1 systems :wink: .

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This also might help as a clean overview: