Configuration modbus binding with Sunny Boy SMA inverter

Hi everybody,

I would like to retrieve data from a Sunny Boy SMA inverter through the modbus binding.
The modbus interface is enabled on the inverter.

I have found the following doc:

Unfortunately, I don’t have any idea how modbus works and I try to get value through some modbus reader software but it does not work (connection is ok but value is always 0).

Can somebody help me by giving an example of the Openhab config? (e.g. How to retrieve the Serial number - See page 18, No 40053)

Many thanks in advance for your answers.

Have you succeeded reading values from the Sunny Boy? If yes, mind to share your knowledge? Thanks :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I did not have the time to try again but I had found this interesting topic:

I only tried with the soft Modbus Master Simulator in the screenshot with the same addresses and I had a result for the first time. But I have never implemented it in OH1 or OH2.

Thanks! I think these information will help me.