Configuration Parameters missing from new(er) Z-Wave devices (Qubino, TKB)

I’ve just added a couple of newer devices, and I am unable to alter config parameters in HABmin for them. I assume, they’re too new for the binding/addon?

The devices I’ve added are;

Z-Wave TKB Wall Plug Switch/Meter - GEN5 - UK (TZ88E-GEN5)
Z-Wave Qubino Flush Dimmer Plus (ZMNHDD1)

These devices are working, but in HABmin they show as;

Wenzhou TKB Control System [ID:11, Type:1]
Qubino [ID:51, Type:1]

I am unable to change the configuration params. I need to change the Qubino to work with bi-stable UK light switch, and I also need/want to disable the LED operation on the TKB.

I have the older non Zwave Plus versions of these items, and they work/identify without a problem…

Any ideas?

I’m using the 1.8.0-SNAPSHOT addons for everything except HABmin, which is 1.7.0… (unsure where to find 1.8.0)

Installed the latest Z-Wave binding snapshot from cloudbees, and that now recognises the Qubino ZMNHDD… The TZ88E-GEN5 is still unrecognised.

See information here -:


Thanks for that Chris, to be fair, I can live without the TKB device being ‘configured’. It’s in the back of a cupboard so the LED thing is a small issue. Luckily, updating the Z-Wave binding allowed me to configure the Qubino, which was essential.

With regards to OpenHAB 2, I’ve been meaning to read into this, is it ready for prime time yet? Last time I checked it was BETA/had gone commercial or something funky.

It’s getting there. The ZWave binding is still close, but not quite, and overall it’s probably still a little immature still (beta - as you say)… It’s not commercial though, although some companies are supporting some work within the scope of Eclipse SmartHome on which OH2 is built.

Hi all…Continuing the thread,
All 3 of my TZ88E’s have the same manufacturer ID of 118, but my two older TZ88E’s have a device ID of 1 whereas my latest GEN5 TZ88E has a device ID of 11 (which is why I assume that it doesn’t match the product database)

I am broadly comfortable editing the zwave .jar binding and I have looked at the TZ88E.xml but there’s nothing that looks like a device id - can anyone tell me if I should be looking somewhere else?

I don’t need to mix and match ‘old’ and ‘new’ TZ88E’s, so if I could find where the binding thinks that a TZ88E has a device id of 1 and change it to a device id of 11, I’m hoping I could spoof openhab into accepting the new TZ88E

Any mileage in this?



I’ve updated the database so please try tomorrow snapshot.

Hi Chris - I downloaded 1.8 and 1.8.1 but 1.8 still reports the TZ88E as Device ID 11 and I can’t get habmin to open in 1.8.1
Interestingly, 1.8 reports Started HABmin REST API at /services/habmin but it was accessible at /habmin and not at /services/habmin
whereas I haven’t been able to access the admin interface at either /services/habmin or /habmin using 1.8.1
Just out if interest, where is the Device ID held if not in the TZ88.xml file in the zwave .jar?

It’s in the products file - this file is effectively the database index, while the individual files just contain the device data. It was done this way so that the binding doesn’t have to read through 300 files to find the correct device…