Configure a relay with Onewire Binding in Openhab2 PaperUI


sorry, the text is a bit longer, because the thread can be helpful for newbies like me to get started with openhab2.

In short: It seems as if everything is configured correctly, but the onewire relay doesn’t switch with openhab.

In detail:
I installed the openhab image on raspberry pi, attached a usb gateway (The GPIO one wire didn’t work with owserver) for onewire, enabled the owserver, installed owfs successfully.
The there are three DS 2408 with relays attached.
I an able to switch the relay using owfs directory.

Now, I configured an item of type Switch with category
Then I switched to the HABPanel and created a ON and OFF Button and assigned the relay item to it.
I was able to switch the button as you can see in the /var/log/openhab2/events.log file.
" [ItemStateChangedEvent ] - SomeRelais changed from ON to OFF"
There are no error messages in syslog and openhab.log.
However, the relay doesn’t switch physically.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you,