Configure Cul USB with Homematic


I have a question, i install openhab2 and i have an cul usb stick but i don’t now how
i should configure the and how can i start the paring mode, does anybody now that?

OK, that not very complicated. Could you first describe a little bit more about yout setup. Homatic devices CCU? Systems openhab in on, …

At the end you have to connect the CUL to homegear, pair your devices to home gear and connect homegear to openhab 2.

You should start with homegear. The easiest way ist to use openHabian


Hello Thomas,
thx for your fast reply my current situation:
Machine: Synology 214+
Openhab Version: 2
Binding installed: Homematic over webinterface
Connection to the devices: USB Dongle of busware
(Check if usb dongle run with lsusb locks good)
Used Device: Homematic
What i not now understand is how can i create a connection between the usb stick and Openhab and how can i check that?


Hi Maggy,

you need to install homegear. Homegear is taht your bridge to openhab.

CUL ->> homegear ->> openhab

so your first step should be to install homegear with your cull and bind your devices. On the homegear page every thing is described.