Configure Elero TransmitterStick Binding

I am a beginner and use the openhab 3.1 on a raspberry. I have purchased an elero transmitter stick to control my shutters.

I have registered the shutters on the stick and set up the bridge with the binding. It is displayed as online so I think it is set up correctly.

Leg set up a Thing I can not assign a Channe ID in the GUI. By code the channel id can be configured.

I can’t control the Thing in the model. Do I need to configure anything else?

In the log I found the following entries

Can someone help me or show me how to configure it?

Thanks for an answer.


i’m currently seeing more or ließ the same Situation. The Bridge shows Status online. But the Channel stays unknown. According my understanding of the Binding documentation the Channel should be discovered and No Neef for manual change. But in my Case the discover falls. Having the Binding Log Set to debug Shows, that the Channel ID could Not be retrieved.

I am also Not Sure If the stick itself ist correctly configured or recognized by the system. As ist Just appears as serial Io. While dmesg shows elero.

I would appreciate If one of the other Users could Help findung the failing bit.