Configure items for Nibe Heatpump Binding in text files

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: VM, 2 cores, 4GB RAM
    • OS: Debian Buster
    • Java Runtime Environment: Java 8 (as recommended in setup tutorial)
    • openHAB version: 2.5

I have installed the Nibe heat pump binding together with an Arduino forwarding the data packets from the heat pump to openhab via UDP. This works, I can see data arriving at openhab. The thing seems to be configured correctly in a nibe.things file, it is also visible and online in Paper UI. However, items created in the nibe.items file are not linked to the thing. If I manually link them in Paper UI then it works and the items show the right data. But with config files it doesn’t work :frowning::

nibeheatpump:f1x55-udp:myNibe [hostName=“”, port=9999]

Number OutdoorTemp “Outdoor temperature [%.1f °C]” {myNibe=“40004”}

What am I missing, can anybody help?

That’s a version 1 binding syntax.

If you’re using a version 2 binding with Things, it will have channels. You specify the channel UID - which you can see in PaperUI - in your Item definition, to create a link.
It’s going to look more like

{ channel="nibeuplink:fx55:mynibe:base#40008" }

Thanks. Unfortunately your example comes from the Nibe uplink binding, which extracts data from the Nibe web portal. I am running the “traditional” binding which directly gets the data from the heat pump. This however has a different representation, but doesn’t show an example in the documentation. I’ve tried the following, but it doesn’t show up in Paper UI under Control:

Number OutdoorTemp “Outdoor temperature [%.1f °C]” {channel=“nibeheatpump:f1x55-udp:myNibe:40004”}

Any other ideas? I want to avoid linking all the items under Paper UI and largely stick with config files…

Use PaperUI as I suggested to find out the channel UID. You can at least recognize the form it has to take now.

When you’ve worked out how this should be, you could usefully add example(s) to the docs for the benefit of others.

I don’t think Items created from xxx.items files ever show up under PaperUI > control.
You can see if they get updates in your events.log
You can configure them e.g. in a sitemap for a user-facing UI like BasicUI.

Aaaaaah, thanks for the tip. Paper UI indeed shows the syntax right under the channel name of the thing. In my case it is {channel=“nibeheatpump:f1x55-udp:myNibe:sensor#40004”}. Now its working and I can configure my items in the config file, while at the same time they show up under PaperUI > Control.

Thanks again!!

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Your previous guess was pretty fair then :wink:

The docs could usefully use examples.