Configuring a F420 scenario module via OWN

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I have a MHS1 gateway, an F420 scenario module and an eight-button scenario command LN4652. All of them have been recognized by MyHome Suite and are configurable. However, the only thing I can do with the F420 is to assign it a WHERE. I am just starting to play with scenarios using but I’ve understood that the only way I can record a scenario into the F420 (correct me if I am wrong) is manually: start recording (button on the F420), push a button on the command, do in sequence the commands you want the scenario to execute when activated, push again the button on the command to stop recording.

Point is that F420 do all of this using OWN frames (see the WHO_0.pdf document on the myhome site) and it would be much more interesting (to me at least!) to program the F420 using a batch configuration file.

Looking around I have seen that for this purpose there is a contributed software called ScenarX that can do the job I am looking for. Unfortunately, I think it talks with a F454 (and not with my MHS1) because there is no way to send a password to the gateway (Connessione non disponibile).

… is this something worth exploring? Although the scenario configuration can be done in OH, I still think it is convenient to have a scenario module in the system if it can be easily programmed. I would very much prefer to use OH for some high level scenario that can’t be realized in the myhome system, leaving the simpler stuff to the F420. Note that the F420 is relatively cheap and it can store up to 16 scenarios.

Hy all,

things were simpler than I thought. I used the Bticino Client to send the OWN frames documented in the WHO_0.pdf to deal with the F420 and … done. Here a short list of the most relevant frames for the F420 and the scenarios I have configured.

% Unlock F420
% Lock F420
% Activation S X=1-16
% Start recording S X=1-16
% End recording S X=1-16
% Erase all S
% Erase S X=1-16

% SCENARIO 1 - Mattina
*2*1*#1##   % UP Tapparelle GR 1
% SCENARIO 2 - Notte
*2*2*#1##  % DOWN Tapparelle GR 1
*1*0*1##  % OFF Luci AMB 1
*1*5*13##   % DIMM 50% Luce E
% SCENARIO 4 - Lettura
*1*9*14##   % DIMM 90% Luce W
% SCENARIO 5 - Tende aperte
% SCENARIO 6 - Tende chiuse
% SCENARIO 7 - Divano
*1*1*1##  % ON Luci AMB 1
% SCENARIO 8 - Giorno

Doing some cut&paste from a text file was much easier than running around pushing the right switches, anyway!

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Marco, thanks for sharing it