Configuring items to work with the new Google Assistant binding

I currently have my Google Assistant binding configured using tags and would like to try the metadata approach.
Having read the docs and scanned the forums, I’m still confused as to where to put the meta data?

For example I currently have a power outlet:

Dimmer Office_power_1 "Power" <poweroutlet> ["Outlet"] {channel="zigbee:device:01370A5C:000b3cfffef19f2b:000B3CFFFEF19F2B_1_dimmer"}

Where do I put the { ga="Outlet" } all the examples in the docs only show groups and no item with a channel?

The items docs does not show the syntax either:

itemtype itemname "labeltext [stateformat]" <iconname> (group1, group2, ...) ["tag1", "tag2", ...] {bindingconfig}



I assume like this:

Dimmer Office_power_1 "Power" <poweroutlet> { ga="Outlet", channel="zigbee:device:01370A5C:000b3cfffef19f2b:000B3CFFFEF19F2B_1_dimmer" }

Try this,

Using for Google Assistant and Alexa as well.

Dimmer Dimmer_Livingroom "Dimmer Livingroom" (gDimmers,gDimmerLevel) [ "Lighting" ] {channel="zwave:device:c07f721f:node33:switch_dimmer1",ga="Light",alexa="PowerController.powerState,BrightnessController.brightness" [category="LIGHT"]}

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