Configuring lights to work well with google assistant

So I feel like this must be covered somewhere but i’ve had a hard time searching/googling for it. Does anyone have any recommendations for how they handle grouping/naming of items. In particular I am wondering how people deal with bulbs that have brightness and hue/color. Currently I have “kitchen light” and “kitchen color” that are both linked to all 3 bulbs I have in my kitchen light fixture. So if I say “hey google kitchen light on / off / 10% / 50% / etc” that works fine. And I can say “key google kitchen color 0% / 100%” for the hue but its a bit annoying to have to specify. Like ideal i would just say “kitchen” for everything but color, which currently works, but if I had other items in that room like a smart appliance of some kind if would control them all. Anyway i have workable solutions but they just feel sub optimal so looking for any recommendations for how people have configured their groups for easy voice control.

Also side question: a friend of mine has his alexa’s configured (not openhab just with the echo app) so that if you say “turn on/off the lights” the echo in that room knows which room it is in and only controls the lights in its group. Is there a way to do that with GA / openHab?